Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary App


  1. Here you can have the app show you more or less information. Less information basically shows only the English meanings of this kanji. More information is like it is on this screenshot.
  2. Lets you add a bookmark for this kanji.
  3. Lets you look for a different kanji.
  4. Settings.
  5. Basic English meaning.
  6. First comes the on-reading in capital letters (or katakana) followed by the kun-reading in small letters (or hiragana). It depends on your settings whether you see the readings in our alphabet or in katakana/hiragana.
  7. Radical of this kanji. If you click on it, the app will show you other kanji with the same radical.
  8. Shows you in which grade this kanji is taught. E.g. Jōyō 1 means it’s taught in grade 1. The example here is without a number meaning it’s taught after grade 6.
  9. The first number shows the total stroke number. The second one refers to the stroke number of the radical only. And the last one shows the amount of additional strokes to the radical.
  10. Stroke order.



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