Assimil Mania


I bet you think “Wow, that’s a whole lot of Assimil books!” but I have to admit that my collection of Assimil books is even larger. I’m going to show you all my Assimil books in a few weeks (You will definitely think I completely lost it or I have too much money or even both haha).

Anyway, I’m also going to give a super detailed review on Assimil and how my personal experiences are. I know the Assimil method doesn’t work for some people (or at least they think that way) but I will show you how to make the best use of these (in my opinion) wonderful textbooks for studying foreign languages! So stay tuned and you never have to see these horrible bed covers as a background ever again 😉



Have you heard of Memrise? If you’re into studying languages online, you probably have. It’s basically a fancier version of Anki (I talked about it in previous posts) with additional incentives to keep you continue studying. Every time you get a word correct, you get points. After collecting a certain amount of points, you get a badge as a reward that can be seen by other users as well when they check your profile. There is also a leaderboard showing who got the most points (in this week, this month or in total) which can only be seen by your Memrise friends.

Memrise offers incredibly many courses, not only on languages but other topics as well. A lot of courses offer audio (though most of the times it’s only some odd computer voice) and what’s best is that Memrise shows you memes (actually written “mems” in imitation of Memrise) of other users to remember a certain word.


Here is one I made for a Korean word. If you like someone else’s mem, you can give them a thumbs up (I only got one… insolence!!).

I’ve been using Memrise a lot more often than Anki now. It’s visually more appealing and collecting points is actually a great way to keep up the motivation for studying (Can’t wait to get my next badge!). I must add that I use the Memrise app rather than the homepage (there’s no countdown in the app when you’re studying). And I got the pro version on a discount (a year’s subscription for 20 €). The pro version analyzes your study habits and offers a few more features. But it’s really not necessary to go pro, so you can enjoy a great learning tool completely for free.

Long time no see

Oh my god… it literally has been years since I wrote something on my blog and I’m terribly sorry about that. Yes, it’s just a hobby so far but I really wanted to make so much more out of it. Anyway, I have good reasons for being so negligent about my blog. I was abroad for longer periods of time and also some personal stuff happened. But now I feel like rejuvenating this blog with a lot of good textbooks I encountered on my travels 🙂


You’ve probably heard about Anki before but I still want to point out how great and useful this tool is. Basically, you can either create your own flashcards or download a deck of cards someone has shared. Keep in mind that decks you downloaded might contain mistakes that you – especially as a beginner of the respective language – won’t be able to identify as such.


Here’s the link:

What to do if there is no answer key provided

Granted it’s more or less the nightmare of every self-studying language learner if a textbook doesn’t provide an answer key. Most people suggest you find a native speaker but depending on where you live and how much time and money you want to invest, it can be really troublesome. Most native speakers don’t think it’s fun to correct your exercises and you need kind of a good relationship with them to get their help for free.

To fix that problem you can

  •  register on a language site and get an online language partner (the common case)

or if you absolutely don’t like to have any personal contact

  • register on a language site like italki where you can post your exercises and some bored fellow will correct them for you

To ensure that your exercises get corrected, follow this advice:

  • most people lose their motivation if they have to correct a whole page or something, so split up your exercises in just a few sentences and post them then