Have you heard of Memrise? If you’re into studying languages online, you probably have. It’s basically a fancier version of Anki (I talked about it in previous posts) with additional incentives to keep you continue studying. Every time you get a word correct, you get points. After collecting a certain amount of points, you get a badge as a reward that can be seen by other users as well when they check your profile. There is also a leaderboard showing who got the most points (in this week, this month or in total) which can only be seen by your Memrise friends.

Memrise offers incredibly many courses, not only on languages but other topics as well. A lot of courses offer audio (though most of the times it’s only some odd computer voice) and what’s best is that Memrise shows you memes (actually written “mems” in imitation of Memrise) of other users to remember a certain word.


Here is one I made for a Korean word. If you like someone else’s mem, you can give them a thumbs up (I only got one… insolence!!).

I’ve been using Memrise a lot more often than Anki now. It’s visually more appealing and collecting points is actually a great way to keep up the motivation for studying (Can’t wait to get my next badge!). I must add that I use the Memrise app rather than the homepage (there’s no countdown in the app when you’re studying). And I got the pro version on a discount (a year’s subscription for 20 €). The pro version analyzes your study habits and offers a few more features. But it’s really not necessary to go pro, so you can enjoy a great learning tool completely for free.